1. Offers may only be redeemed by individual TPGC Members. TPGC Membership may not be shared unless otherwise stated in the Special Terms & Conditions of an individual offer (for example, a 2-for-1 green fee deal or 4-some special – in this case, at least one golfer must be a TPGC member.)
  2. Identification (Hawaii driver’s license or military credentials) may be required to redeem special offers. If no Hawaii ID or Military Credential are provided, TPGC Members will have to use our Visitor Offer that is setup (Visitor offers may vary at different merchant locations, so make sure to check available offer before showing up at merchant location.
  3. Discount offers are only valid at the dates and times specified in the merchant deal.
  4. The TPGC-enabled discount may not be combined with any other course special offer, coupon or discount program.
  5. Each TPGC discount or special offer will have its own restrictions, so make sure to abide by listed restrictions when redeeming offer.
  6. TPGC Membership is valid during the calendar year, January 1 through December 31.
  7. TPGC golf course offers typically include greens fee and cart fee, however applicable taxes may or may not be included in any listed offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Yes! Your NEW TPGC Account can be accessed from your Mobile Device or from your Home PC. There is no way of losing your “membership card” anymore! Once you’re a TPGC Member, simply select the appropriate merchant and the offer you want to redeem, then hand your phone or device to the Merchant attendant to validate the offer. That’s it! If you wish, you can also print any offer from your Home PC and bring it with you when you want to redeem your offer.
NO, however Hawaii Residents and Military Personnel will receive the “Resident Offer”. Anyone not a Hawaii Resident or Military Personnel will be able to utilize the “Visitor Offer”, which will still save you on your green fee or merchant purchase. Visitor offers are not available for all merchants, so please review our participating merchants prior to making your TPGC Membership purchase.
Each TPGC Merchant will have their own restrictions, so you’ll need to review each merchant and offer they are providing.
Yes, you can purchase as many memberships as you wish. Each Membership you purchase will have its own activation code. This will make great Christmas or Birthday Gifts! As a BONUS DISCOUNT, we will give you an additional discount if you purchase more than 3 Memberships at once:
  • 1-3 Memberships: No ($0) additional Discount
  • 4-9 Memberships Purchased: $10 discount per Membership
  • 10+ Memberships Purchased: $20 discount per Membership
Our checkout system does not automatically create volume discounts. If one of these situations occurs, contact us after your purchase and the appropriate discount and tax will be refunded to you. All TPGC correspondence is sent to the Purchaser. Gift Card codes can be forwarded to other players at your convenience.
Yes! Every time you purchase a TPGC Membership you will receive a unique Membership Voucher. Each Membership Voucher will need to be redeemed using our “Redeem Membership Voucher” on our home screen. You will be able to print this Membership Voucher and give it out as a GIFT to anyone you wish! Once delivered as a gift, the gift recipient will be instructed to “Redeem the Voucher” and create their own User Account.
A TPGC Membership will pay for itself with just a couple plays or purchases at participating merchant location. If you took advantage of every offer available to you, you’ll save well over $1,000! How much you save ultimately depends on how much you choose to use your membership.
A portion of each TPGC Membership sold benefits The First Tee of Hawaii, a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth organization that teaches life-skills, core values, and healthy habits through the game of golf. There are over 1,000 youth in the state of Hawaii that benefit from each TPGC Membership sold! Also, all participating merchants will receive your revenue you when you play or purchase items at their location.