Virtual Toptracer League

TPGC Members (and Guests) will be able to compete in a virtual golf league at Bay View Driving Range powered by their new Toptracer Range Technology. Teams and Individuals will compete in 8-week seasons throughout the year, with 6 weeks of regular season and 2 weeks of playoffs. TPGC Virtual Leagues will take place in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with leagues played on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6:00-9:00pm (league nights vary based on the division you sign up for). There will be four (4) different divisions each season, including; 2-Person Team Gross, 2-Person Team Net, Individual Gross, and Individual Net. Weekly and Season prizes will be awarded for each division. Spots are limited, so register ASAP!

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Gross vs Net?

GROSS divisions will be played with NO Handicaps.

NET divisions will be played using Toptracer Handicaps.

Unfortunately your GHIN handicap will not be used since this is a virtual golf simulator and not real golf on a course. For new Toptracer players, we will use the first 2 weeks of the season to create a Toptracer handicap and use that handicap through the season (adjusting after each week). If someone has played with Toptracer before and has downloaded the Toptracer App, a handicap will be created when multiple rounds have been played. More information regarding the handicap system will be emailed out once a registration is received.

Team vs Individual?

Team Play will consist of 2 Players (with the ability to substitute players if needed each week). The FORMAT for team play is Best-Ball (which is best score between the 2-players per hole). The regular season will be Stroke Play and the playoffs will move to Match Play

Individual Play will consist of 1 Player (no substitutes are allowed). The FORMAT for individual play is Stroke Play during the regular season and Match Play during the playoffs.

Regular Season & Playoffs

Regular Season will consist of 6 weeks. Each week team play and individual play will be playing for weekly points. The format during the regular season will be Stroke Play (team play will be 2-person best-ball and individual play will be regular stroke play). At the end of the regular season the top 8 teams and individuals will advance to the playoffs.

Regular Season Points System

1st = 500pts, 2nd = 400pts, 3rd = 350pts, 4th = 300pts, 5th = 250pts, 6th = 200pts, 7th = 150pts, 8th = 100pts, 9th = 75pts, 10th = 50pts, 11th+ = 25pts

Playoffs will consist of 2 weeks (week 7 & 8 of the season). The top 8 teams and individuals will play both weeks of the playoffs. The format during the playoffs will be Match Play (team play will be 2-person best-ball match play and individual play will be one on one match play).

Playoff Schedule

Week 7 (Rd 1, 9 holes)= 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5

Week 7 (Rd 2, 9 holes) = winner of 1/8 vs winner of 4/5, winner of 2/7 vs winner of 3/6. Losers will play each other following same match order

Week 8 (18 holes) = Championship Match, 3rd place Match, 5th place Match, and 7th place Match.

Specific Details and Registration

Each League has its own mini-website with all the specifics, updates, and registration link. Click on one of the links below to see the specific details of each league!

Summer League

Summer League

Summer League

Summer League