Member Golf Tournaments

Members (and Guests) will be able to complete in an 8-Series Tournament schedule throughout the year, with 5 tournaments on Oahu, 1 on Maui, 1 on Kauai, and 1 on the Big Island. There will be a year-long Player of the Year POINT SYSTEM setup with Members earning points for participation and for how they finish in each tournament.

Tournament Schedule

Full Schedule Coming Soon. First event to be played in February 2020

Player of The Year Points System

Playing in a tournament may earn points

Placing Points Awarded
1st 100 Points
2nd 60 Points
3rd 50 Points
4th 40 Points
5th 30 Points
6th - 10th 20 Points

Free Golf Clinics

Each month Members are treated to FREE Golf Clinics by PGA Professionals (Guest price is $20). Golf clinics will rotate around to different facilities on Oahu and will feature different golf professionals and topics each month.

Full Clinic Schedule Coming Soon

Special Golf Trips

In 2020 Members (and Guests) will have the ability to travel to Kauai, Maui, Big Island, and Oahu for fun 1-2 day trips that will include airfare, transportation, hotel, F&B, and competitive and fun golf outings. Our tournament series will include tournaments during each of our trips and each event will be considered a “Major” and will be worth 2X the PLOY points. Full Trip Schedule Coming Soon

Full Trip Schedule Coming Soon